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TROPICAL CAVE OF ZEUS is Daniel Arsham’s second print edition with legendary print studio Brand X Editions in New York City. This edition is based on a painting made by the artist rendered in varying tones of chiaroscuro sepia. TROPICAL CAVE OF ZEUS is created from 28 individual silkscreens on Archival 100% cotton paper. Produced in a limited edition of 199, this edition comes in custom Arsham Studio designed linen and silver embossed packaging. Each Edition comes complete with a pair of embroidered Arsham Editions art handling gloves intended to be worn at all times when handling the work. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist and authenticated by a transparent holographic seal of authenticity on the included COA card.

Cocktails With An Accent

  • On recommendation from the print house, Brand X, this print needs to be laid flat by a framing professional no later than one week after they arrive, to insure they do not retain the rounded shape from the packaging. Due to the layers of ink, leaving the print packed beyond the recommended window could result in the print resisting flattening in the future. 

    Each print is rolled onto a shipping tube, and secured in a custom box. Please take the entire package to the framer so that they may assist you with the unrolling process. Please inform them that the packaging is part of the edition, so that they do not discard the shipping tube or box.

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